Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser system ( Q-smart 450 2W )

Equipment Manager: Yunu Lee

Complete with automatic harmonic generator phase matching, these innovative systems insure simple operation and guarantees optimal energy performance. Monolithic block construction and compact design features provides superior beam geometry in a compact package. The intuitive Q-touch screen interface makes this the smart choice for easy operation. The Q-smart  450 has many user-friendly features.

Applications: Ablation, Flash photolysis, Holography, LIBS, LIDAR, Cleaning, Spectroscopy, Photo acoustic imaging, OPO pumping

iStar DH334T ( Intensified CCD )

Equipment Manager: Yunu Lee

Key Specifications

  • < 2 ns true optical gate

  • Up to 3,450 spectra/s

  • Integrated Triple output DDG

  • Photocathode peak QE up to 50% 

  • Integrate-On-Chip gating up to 500 kHz

  • -40Celsius degree TE cooling

MAESTRO and QE25LP-H-MB-QED (Laser energy meter)

Equipment Manager: Yunu Lee


  • Reads ALL detector type


  • Spectral range: 0.19 - 20 um

  • Maximum measurable energy:

  •           3.8J at 7 ns pulse, 1064 nm,

  •           3.1J at 7ns, 266 nm, 10 Hz

  • Max repetition frequency: 300 Hz

  • Maximum pulse width: 400us

Sartorius, Quintix213-1SKR ( Precision Balance )

Equipment Manager: Yunu Lee


1. Weighing capacity: 210 g

2. Readability: 0.001 g

3. Repeatability: 0.001 g

4. Linearity deviation: 0.002 g

5. Typical stabilization time: 1.0 sec

6. Calibration: Internal

PARSTAT 4000A Potentiostat Galvanostat

Equipment Manager: Dokyu Kang

The PARSTAT 4000A is the latest edition to the PARSTAT line of potentiostats. As modular-design has become a focus within the industry, the PARSTAT 4000A stands alone in its ability to deliver high compliance voltage and wide dynamic current range, as standard, to cover a range of applications.  The PARSTAT 4000A builds on PAR's history as the world-leader in DC electrochemical measurements and takes advantage of a common R/D team with Solartron Analytical, the world-leader in Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) technology, to provide a best-in-class complete system.



• Voltage Accuracy - Measured: < 1 mV and +/- 0.025% of reading, Applied: < 1 mV and +/- 0.025% of setting

• FRA for EIS measurements up to 10 MHz

• ±4 A current max (20A Booster Option) over 13 current ranges (40 pA-20 A)

• ±48 V compliance (±10V reference) voltage



Physical electrochemistry and electrochemical sensors, Bare-metal corrosion, Galvanic couples and coatings, Batteries (Li-ion, Li-Air, Zn-Air), Capacitors

636A Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode (RRDE)

Equipment Manager: Dokyu Kang

The Princeton Applied Research model 636A Electrode Rotator is a high performance system providing rapid acceleration and excellent speed control. It can be used as a simple rotating disk electrode or as a rotating ring-disk electrode. The model 636A is suitable for use in hydrodynamically modulated systems. Its solid state controlled servosystem allows the electrode speed to follow an input signal with minimum distortion. This excellent performance is due to the use of a high speed, low inertia, permanent magnet DC motor and a high voltage, bipolar power supply. The rotational speed is adjustable to within 1% of the input setting 50-10,000 RPM. A voltage signal proportional to the rotational speed is available as an output.



• Operating Temperature : 10 to 40°C

• Control Unit Dimensions : 11 3/8” W x 10 1/8” D x 5 3/4” H

• Base Dimensions : 11” W x 15” D x 3/4” H

• Motor 1/50 HP permanent magnet DC

• Motor Power Supply : +45 V DC, -20 V DC

• Speed Control Closed loop servo-system.

• Temperature compensated tach generator mounted on motor shaft, providing rotational speed


• Speed Range : 50 RPM to 10,000RPM

• Precision Better than ±1%



Hydrodynamical electrochemical experiment, Variety of rotating electrode Experiment, Cylindrical or Disk Electrodes for corrosion studies

1260A Impedance Analyzer

Equipment Manager: Dokyu Kang

The model 1260A Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer is - without doubt - the most powerful, accurate and flexible Frequency Response Analyzer available today.



• Frequency range spanning 10 μHz to 32 MHz with 0.015 ppm resolution

• 0.1%, 0.1° accuracy – unsurpassed by any similar instrument

• Resolution to 0.001 dB, 0.01° - capturing every detail

• Measures impedances >100 MΩ

• 2-, 3- and 4-terminal measurement configurations

• Polarization voltage up to ±40.95 V

• Renowned ZPlot software package simplifies experiments and optimizes throughput



Corrosion studies, Battery research and fuel cells, Electronic component development

1287A Potentiostat Galvanostat

Equipment Manager: Dokyu Kang

The Solartron Analytical 1287A potentiostat/galvanostat is a high accuracy, wide bandwidth instrument which offers a range of ac/dc test capabilities (AC requires a frequency response analyzer). Central to the measurement capability of 1287A are two high resolution digital voltmeters which provide simultaneous voltage and current measurements. Using Solartron Analytical’s patented pulse width conversion technique, they have high accuracy, stability and linearity throughout the entire range of the instrument. The 1287A has excellent measurement resolution and accuracy down to 1μV for the reference electrodes and 1pA for the working electrode, which makes it an ideal choice for measurements where signal levels are extremely low.



• High accuracy DC (plus wide bandwidth EIS using 1260A or 12xx Frequency Response Analyzer)

• DC techniques include cyclic voltammetry, galvanostatic, electrochemical noise

• ±14.5 volt range (polarization and compliance)

• Floating system with 2 Amp maximum current range



Physical electrochemistry and electrochemical sensors, Bare-metal corrosion, Galvanic couples and coatings, Batteries design, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) with 1260A Impedance Analyzer.

1286A Potentiostat Galvanostat

Equipment Manager: Dokyu Kang

The 1286 is a general-purpose potentiostat with a wide range of facilities for measurement and analysis of DC and AC impedance capabilities (AC requires a frequency response analyzer). This is a previous model of 1287A.

Ultrasonic Cleaner (Hwasin Technology, 610)

Equipment Manager: Dokyu Kang


• Operating temperature : Ambient ~ 70

• Oscillation frequency : 40KHz

• Control Unit Dimensions 300 X 240 X 150mm

• Capacity : 10.7L

Eutech PC 2700 (PH meter)

Equipment Manager: Dokyu Kang

PC 2700 is an all-in-one solution for multi-parameter research work. The new PC 2700 is accurate, reliable and intuitive with user-friendly functions. Meter comes with a multi-data screen that includes Temperature, electrode status, calibration points, date and time. PC 2700 measures pH, ORP, ION, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, or Resistivity.

DLPI (Dekati® Low Pressure Impactor)

Equipment Manager: Nakkyu Chae

DLPI (Dekati® Low Pressure Impactor) is a 13-stage cascade low pressure impactor to determine particle gravimetric mass size distribution. The size classification in DLPI is made from 30 nm up to 10 µm with evenly distributed impactor stages and can be extended down to 30 nm with an additional back-up filter. In each size fraction the particles are collected on 25 mm collection substrates that are weighed before and after the measurement to obtain gravimetric size distribution of the particles. A chemical analysis of the size classified particles can also be performed. Other DLPI characteristics include low inter-stage wall-losses(2 and robust yet easy-to-use operation. The rigid stainless steel construction of the DLPI makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications including power plant and vehicle emission measurements, engine blow-by measurements, air quality studies and pharmaceutical inhalation aerosol device testing.

Applications: Measurement of aerodynamic distribution, Fine particles collector

Plasma arc cutter

Equipment Manager: Nakkyu Chae

Delivering maximum power and performance for air plasma, the Powermax125® plasma system cuts thick metals fast. Able to make short work of the toughest cutting and gouging jobs, the system offers a 100% duty cycle, a 25 mm (1") mechanized pierce capability, and fast gouging metal removal. It also gives you the latest technological innovations, such as Smart Sense™ technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure. Eleven Duramax™ Hyamp torch styles provide versatility for hand cutting, portable automation, X-Y table cutting, extended reach cutting, and robotic cutting and gouging.

Applications: Metal cutting

Pegasor AQ Indoor

Equipment Manager: Nakkyu Chae

• Measures ultrafine particles
• Detects temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration
• Self diagnostic procedure guarantees accurate continuous measurements
• Fits easily to any indoor environment
• Measured data can be read from the touch screen in graphical and numerical form
• Measured data can be stored on hard disk or USB and transferred to data storage, cloud service, or printed out as separate document
• Easy maintenance and long maintenance interval
• Reasonable pricing and very low cost of ownership

Applications: Pegasor data can be used for ventilation system and filtration efficiency monitoring, and indoor air quality classification.

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